Solar Carport and Canopy

Castillo Engineering Services has the expertise and experience needed to streamline the design and approval process for solar carports and canopies. With more than 20 years of solar PV design experience and more than 10,000 projects completed, Castillo Engineering knows what it takes to create project plans that get quick approvals and meet each project’s specific needs. 

PV Expertise

Partnering with Castillo Engineering can improve projects by turning unused parking areas into solar PV energy producers. Parking creates unused space that could be used to generate income, electricity, or benefits for companies. Integrating solar panels into those unused spaces turns wasted resources into potential profits and valuable resources. With effective solar installation planning, any installation project becomes profitable and efficient. 

Castillo Engineering has decades of solar engineering experience planning solar installations. That way, the company can serve as the single point of accountability for solar PV projects. Using expertise to create plans that use a minimal bill of materials and plans that are approved with fewer revisions makes projects more efficient and profitable. 

Cost-Effective and Energy Effecient

Solar carports and canopies are an effective way of turning unused space into valuable resources. There are many places you could install a solar canopy or carport, including: 

  • Retail and corporate parking lots
  • Reserved parking spaces
  • Residential areas
  • Private residence carports
  • Over covered courtyards and pavilions
  • Building entrances and exits
  • Transit stations like bus stops

The design and plans for installing a solar carport or canopy change according to the location. Castillo Engineering customizes solar carport and canopy designs to meet each location’s specific needs, including the existing lighting, soil conditions, geographic location, and the parking capacity. Professional engineers create streamlined designs that ensure that solar carports and canopies require only minimal upkeep. Service and repair needs such as access to crucial system components are accounted for in the design process to eliminate any maintenance difficulties. 

Designed to Permit

The plans that Castillo Engineering creates comply with the location-specific building codes. Because of this, solar canopy and carport projects have a greater chance of getting a permit quickly, speeding up the entire project. 

Contact Us

Castillo Engineering has more than 20 years of experience with solar PV engineering projects. A team of experts identifies specific project needs, addresses questions, and creates permit plans that improve project outcomes. Contact Castillo Engineering today at (407) 289-2575 to design a way to turn unused space into a valuable business resource.