RFP Development and Management

Castillo Engineering Services is one of the leading solar PV firms in the United States. With more than 20+ years of solar engineering experience, Castillo Engineering has the skills needed to manage the development of solar project RFPs. 

As the single point of accountability, Castillo Engineering develops complete RFPs for solar projects, as well as oversees the solar engineering portions of the RFP to ensure it accurately reflects the planned usage, solar best practices, and the needs of the buyer. This way, only the most relevant and competitive bids for projects are considered, saving you time and money. 

Designed to Permit

When Castillo Engineering creates an RFP, expertise in state and local building codes and permits requirements to ensure the project gets the needed permits. Castillo Engineering is licensed in 40 states and is familiar with solar-specific requirements. 

Solar Project Expertise

Castillo Engineering has more years of solar PV engineering experience than any other engineering firm in the United States. With more than 35 total years of engineering experience and more than 20 of those in solar engineering, it would be difficult to find anyone with more solar project prowess.  

Established Relationships

Castillo Engineering maintains relationships with the most experienced contractors, vendors, and solar engineering experts. Coordinating projects with additional proposals and the best prices on solar products is easy with Castillo Engineering’s network of professionals to help. 

Contact Us

Incorporating solar into a business or large-scale project is easily managed by Castillo Engineering. By developing an RFP for the solar component of the project and providing expertise in solar PV engineering in its design, Castillo Engineering can ensure a better outcome for projects. Call us at (407) 289-2575 or email info@castilloprofessionalengineers.wpcomstaging.com to get started with your RFP.