Project Commissioning

Project commissioning is one of the most important aspects of any large-scale project. By ensuring that the design, installation, and operation meet certain requirements, projects face less liability because contractors know that these projects are safe and operate as intended. Engineers from Castillo Engineering Services visit project locations to verify on-site system output is correct for the original calculations and design. 

Our Commitment to Quality

All Castillo Engineering projects and reports undergo a thorough review to be as accurate and compliant as possible. After discussing each project’s needs and goals, Castillo’s engineers evaluate the on-site specifications against the drawings to ensure everything lines up properly before the finished project is turned over to its owner. An internal QA process helps to reduce any errors. 

Because of Castillo Engineering’s relationships and experience with local and state officials, the company knows what inspectors look for when examining solar projects. Castillo Engineering can ensure projects are compliant and meet local regulations. 

Castillo Engineering is licensed in 40 states, making it a go-to engineering firm for all solar PV project commissioning, no matter where the next project is. It can also serve as a single point of accountability on solar PV projects to streamline the process and reduce the stress created by integrating new project components. 

Contact Us

Castillo Engineering has a reputation for high-quality solar projects. With 35 years of engineering experience and more than 20 years working exclusively on solar, the company has completed more than 10,000 projects, equating to over 850MW of installed PV. Castillo Engineering understands what to look for when testing and evaluating projects against original plans. Call Castillo Engineering at(407) 289-2575 to schedule an appointment to discuss upcoming project needs.