Custom Racking Design

Castillo Engineering Services creates plans for custom racking that not only fit specific project needs, and secure approval quickly, but also reduces the overall bill of materials. Keeping the Bill of Materials to a minimum is a critical factor for any construction project. This requires a strong understanding of the requirements and extensive engineering experience to navigate costs while maintaining structural integrity.  

Minimal Bill of Materials

Castillo Engineering not only makes the design and permit process easier but also uses methods that reduce project costs. Industry and design best practices are used to meet each specification with a minimal bill of materials. This can lower project costs and help contractors become more profitable while producing designs that are compliant, high-quality, and safe.  

Custom Design Experts

Solar installations often need custom designs to get the most out of solar panels, since each installation location is different. Custom racking makes it possible to install most photovoltaic panels on any roof but can be very costly. The development of custom racking for solar panels includes a wide range of design requirements. These requirements must be addressed to comply with building codes and to create an effective design for the project. Some of the custom design requirements often included in projects are: 

  • The number and method of roof penetrations
  • Local building codes
  • The shape of the roof
  • Routing of control systems and connection points
  • Planning maintenance access paths
  • Extreme weather safety and durability specifications

Working with a partner like Castillo Engineering ensures all solar panels will fit properly and securely and will be cost-effective. Decades of expertise and extensive knowledge of building codes allow Castillo Engineering to identify the needs of a project and create a racking system that meets local requirements. Their experts improve the outcome and timeline of solar panel installation projects without compromising quality and performance.  

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Equipped by completing more than 10,000 solar PV engineering projects, equating to over 850MW, Castillo Engineering can serve as a single source of accountability on custom racking projects. Call Castillo Engineering at (407) 289-2575 to discuss the custom racking specifications needed for your solar installation projects.