Consulting Services

Solar PV projects benefit from the input of trained and experienced experts who create system plans that are approved with fewer revisions. Contractors partner with Castillo Engineering Services, which has more than two decades and over 10,000+ projects worth of experience in solar PV projects, to develop effective RFPs, make recommendations for solar products and qualified contractors, and act as the single source of accountability for projects. 

Partner With Us

Contractors, architects, and civil engineers often partner with Castillo Engineering because of its reputation as an industry leader in solar consulting services. Castillo Engineering consistently provides value with a quick turnaround time when answering questions and developing solar PV system plans.  

Castillo Engineering offers solar consulting services on a large variety of solar system installation projects. While each project is unique, there are common aspects of each project that Castillo Engineering can improve including: 

  • Conceptual Designs
  • Feasibility Reports & VendorRecommendations
  • Product Certifications
  • RFP Development & Management

Faster Approval

Getting approvals from AHJs is a common complaint among contractors because of slow and ineffective planning. The process can be shortened by creating plans that conform to local construction codes and industry best practices, leading to quick approvals without revisions. Years of solar engineering experience designing solar PV plans with local building codes and project requirements led to Castillo Engineering’s design process and ability to serve as a single source of accountability in creating plans and ensuring their approval.

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Consulting with experts in a specialized field like solar energy ensures that projects are more efficient and produce outcomes that are better for clients and contractors. Projects can be more profitable and successful when contractors partner with a highly-skilled solar consultant like Castillo Engineering. Call (407) 289-2575 to schedule a consultation.