Commercial, Industrial and Utility-Scale

Solar energy continues to play a significant role in reducing the dependence on non-renewable energy sources. As a result, the demand for commercial, industrial, and utility-scale applications continue to rise.

Castillo Engineering Services is the leading design and engineering firm in the United States for commercial, industrial, and utility-scale solar PV projects because of our Solar Engineering Experience, Minimal Bill of Materials, Single Point of Accountability, and established Industry Relationships.

Solar Engineering Experience

Castillo Engineering has over 35 years of engineering experience, with over 20 years dedicated to solar engineering. Under the leadership of principal Rick Castillo, the firm has successfully completed over 10,000 solar PV engineering projects to date, equating to over 850MW, and counting.

Single Point of Accountability

Castillo Engineering is a full-service engineering firm. Our team offers collective full-service Array, Electrical, Structural, Civil and Medium Voltage solar PV design and engineering services under one roof. This reduces time and costs for our clients, as well as simplifies the permitting process.

Minimal Bill of Materials

Castillo Engineering’s expertise includes minimizing the number of materials needed for each project. The ability to finish a project with a minimal bill of materials can cut costs and project time without compromising quality. 

Industry Relationships

Castillo Engineering maintains strong relationships with key individuals in all major areas related to construction, permitting, manufacturing and distribution, both on a local and national level. These relationships often are instrumental in securing permits faster, facilitating better communication and reducing the overall time needed to get projects completed. This ultimately saves our clients time, money and stress.

Partner with Castillo Engineering

Castillo Engineering has extensive experience designing solar panel installations plans with a high permit approval rating. The firm provides a single point of accountability for projects and applies due diligence to ensure that solar PV engineering plans are accurate and compliant. 

Partnering with Castillo Engineering also improves projects’ profitability and pace. Castillo Engineering has the resources needed for utility-scale applications, including a team of highly skilled professional engineers. The ability to quickly and effectively acquire permits for solar PV projects enables organizations to maximize their profitability and turn over more projects in less time.  

The firm offers professional design & engineering services for projects including: 

  • Solar Farms
  • Large Retail Establishments
  • Warehouses, Factories, and Industrial Buildings
  • Office Buildings and Headquarters
  • Transportation Centers
  • Airports
  • Distribution Centers
  • Retention Ponds

Engineering services are also available for commercial projects including: 

  • Solar Array Design
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Utility Interconnection
  • Medium Voltage Interconnection Design & Certification
  • Carport Design
  • Custom Racking System Design
  • Project Commission

Commercial Planning

In commercial projects, Castillo Engineering provides plans that reduce project costs by reducing the bill of materials and the time needed to acquire permits. Process components such as designing to codes and utilizing the influence of highly skilled engineers ensure that the plans for each project are completed and approved with fast turnaround times. This allows contractors to finish more jobs in less time, which makes each project more profitable. 

Industrial Projects

Industrial projects often benefit from Castillo Engineering’s focus on finding the best designs for each project. There are many ways to plan a solar panel installation for industrial purposes, but the key to continued success and added value is finding the most effective design. Castillo Engineering has the experience to discern which design will work best. 

Utility-Scale Applications

Solar panel installations can be used effectively in utility-scale applications such as solar farms. Castillo Engineering designs installation plans that create the most effective collection array and cost-effective systems for using a large number of solar panels. 

Castillo Engineering is the pioneer engineering firm in solar power with more than 20+ years worth of solar engineering experience, equating to 10,000 projects and over 820MW worth of solar projects. This extensive history of completed projects allows the firm to establish and maintain relationships with code officials in over 40 states. Castillo Engineering knows what the code officials want to see in solar building plans and uses that knowledge to deliver finished construction documents.  

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Completing commercial, industrial, or utility-scale solar PV projects require a reliable, professional engineering team with experience getting the necessary permits. Contact Castillo Engineering by calling (407) 289-2575 or emailing Partner with Castillo Engineering for your projects with solar needs to take advantage of the cost savings, speed, and quality of solar PV drawings.